Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Speaking Engagement Requests

Conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats can be special times of bonding and spiritual transformation for the attendees. However, each event is uniquely different. That being the case, we at ECC have put together a list of details to consider when seeking to book Dr. Venessa Ellen for your event. After you have reviewed the information and have decided to have her participate as a speaker for your upcoming event, please contact us and we can then confirm dates and review your theme.  It will be exciting to see what God will do!  ECC truly appreciates your consideration and looks forward to hearing from you soon.  

Questions that will allow us to get a better understanding of your event:

1.    How many sessions would Dr. Ellen be asked to present?  (If your event required her to travel (specifically flying to your city) we ask that you consider a minimum of two (2) speaking sessions in order to maximize your investment and to assure the best stewardship of her time)
2.    How many women would you expect to be in attendance?  
3.    Will you be inviting other spiritually like-minded churches to join your group?
4.    May Dr. Ellen invite others to attend your event?  (Her invited guests will gladly pay all costs associated with their attendance at your event.)

Tools requested if possible for Speaking Engagement

Dr. Ellen is truly committed to teaching God’s Word thoroughly and would
love to maximize such an opportunity. Therefore, when possible, there are a few
items that would be extremely helpful to Dr. Ellen in teaching of God’s
Word to women at your event:

•    PowerPoint projector
•    Laptop  
•    Screen for projector to show power point presentation
•    An assigned person who is knowledgeable of computers, power point and projection to handle set-up and be present during all sessions
•    An ear microphone or a clip-on lapel microphone

Honorarium or Fees for Speaking Engagements

Dr. Ellen does not have an approximate set fee or honorarium for speaking engagements. This matter is to be discussed and finalized with ECC prior to the formal acceptance of her attendance at your event. Honorarium and/or fees will vary according to the number of sessions Dr. Ellen will speak, distance of travel, and the nature of the event.