Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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ACBC Seminars

ECC is pleased to present Association of Certified Biblical Counselors seminar outlines and powerpoints from Dr. Nicolas Ellen on this site. Dr. Ellen is an ACBC Certified Counselor with Fellow Status within the organization, Biblical Framework Counselor Senior Member, Professor of Biblical Counseling at the College of Biblical Studies, as well as the Senior Pastor of Community of Faith Bible Church in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ellen is on the teaching team of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He has the privilege and blessing of traveling around the country with ACBC teaching biblical counseling principles. He is posting his outlines and powerpoints for students and workshop attendees to be able to use in counseling sessions or for teaching purposes.

1 Fathers Do Not Provoke Your Children To Anger
2 The Negative On Positive Thinking
3 Practical Skills For Developing Deep Cross Cultural Relationships
4 Race and The Local Church
5 The Fear of Man and Racism
6 Biblical Counseling and Church Discipline
7 The Purpose Of Life
8 Biblical Parenting and The Instuction of The Lord
9 Biblical Parenting In the Discipline of The Lord
10 Biblical View of Sexuality
11 Pastoral Counseling and Suffering People
12 The Blessing of Disappointed Expectations in Marriage
13 Counseling Those Committing Sexual Sin
14 Guilt and Repentance
15 Supervision Procedures, Practices, and Principles
16 Every Christian A Counselor
17 Anger
18 What I Can And Can't Control
19 Giving of Homework According to the Phases and Stages of Change
20 Living a Lifestyle of Genuine Repentance
21 Understanding the Kinds of Sorrow
22 The Role of Husband and Wife In Marriage
23 Understanding and Dealing With Temptation
24 The Point of Choice
25 The Steps to Dealing With Temptation
26 The Biblical View of Emotions
27 If Loving You Is Right I Don't Want to Be Wrong
28 Learning to Be Content
29 The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth
30 Be Strong and Courageous
31 The Cycle of Relationships
32 The Conscience
33 The Purpose of Marriage
34 Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Life
35 Anger
36 Developing Effective Communication
37 Distinguishing Between the Fear of Worry and the Fear of God’s Judgment
38 Have You Considered the Purpose of Your Trials?
39 How to Quiet a Noisy Soul
40 Idolatrous Lust
41 Pursuing Godliness through the Disciplines of the Christian Faith
42 Self Esteem, Self Image and Self Love
43 Strategic Plan for Premarital and Marital Counseling
44 The Dangers of a Critical Spirit
45 The Danger of Spiritual Amnesia
46 The Three Kinds of Fools
47 What Should We Do When Al Talks To Betty about Carl?
48 Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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