About ECC

About ECC

Taking Biblical Counseling To Another Level…

ECC stands for Expository Counseling Center. ECC seeks to provide biblical insight, resources, and training to individuals, organizations and churches in biblical counseling and biblical discipleship that will lead to knowing Jesus Christ, becoming like Jesus Christ and being useful to Jesus Christ in His agenda. Our mission has several aspects to it.

Biblical Counseling

We want to provide workshops and seminars that will address the practical issues of life from a biblical counseling perspective. This will be done via website and on-site locations.

Church Development

We want to provide educational and organizational resources that will help churches develop effective assimilation and discipleship systems. We also want to provide Bible studies and curriculum that will be biblically sound and provide practical applications for living out the Christian life.

In order to accomplish our mission we are currently:

1. Providing courses in biblical counseling training that is approved by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

2. Providing biblical counseling curriculum to the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas. (They are currently using this curriculum in their bachelors degree program.)

3. Providing biblical counseling and discipleship materials and making those publications available via our online bookstore

4. Helping churches develop assimilation systems and discipleship systems that will assist in helping parishioners move from birth to maturity in Jesus Christ.

In order to accomplish our mission we are preparing:

1. To train churches and organizations in the facilitation of the 56 week biblical counseling training course at their locations according to a signed agreement between ECC and the various churches and organizations.

2. To network with various colleges and seminaries to provide training, certification, and accredited degrees in biblical counseling across the globe.

3. To provide various workshops and courses to promote and provide biblical counseling resources and discipleship resources that will assist in helping individuals, organizations, and churches know Jesus Christ, become like Jesus Christ, and be useful to Jesus Christ.

4. To provide conflict resolution training and services to churches and Christian organizations so that they may resolve conflict biblically.

We want to serve you, your congregation, and organization with our resources and connections so that effective Evangelism and Discipleship will take place in the context of your life, church and organization.

We offer videos, sermons, bible studies, books, workbooks and even basic training courses that will help you grow in spiritual maturity and develop in Expository Counseling