The Three Kinds of Fools

This workshop is an adaptation of work that Jim Berg did on the nature of fools in his book Changed Into His Image. The workshop exposes how fools fit in three categories. It emphasis that we must become wise on purpose but are fools by default. The Three Kinds of Fools NANC CDT 4-10-11 revised with…

The Danger of Spiritual Amnesia

This workshop gives an overview of 2 Peter 1:1-9. It seeks to highlight what it means to be blind or shortsighted and the implications for genuine Believers. It also provides descriptions of spiritual amnesia as well as prescriptions to overcome spiritual amnesia. The Danger of Spiritual Amnesia

The Dangers of a Critical Spirit

This workshop gives a practical definition of a critical spirit. It looks at the book of Numbers and pulls out some insights on God’s response to a critical spirit. This workshop explores some key reasons why people tend to have a critical spirit and provides some specific steps to deal with a critical spirit. The…

Idolatrous Lust

This workshop explores the concepts of idols and lust. It goes into depth to show how idols are an avenue through which we pursue the worship of something other than God – a lust of our hearts. Understanding Idolatrous Lust

How to Quiet a Noisy Soul

This workshop is an adaptation of the work of Jim Berg who wrote a course called Quieting a Noisy Soul. It explores the descriptions, causes and cures of a noisy soul. We delve into the book of Matthew and discover what Jesus meant when He said “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden…